An emoji for the nurses

What is nurse EMOJI?

The campaign has being started with the aim of designing an emoji for the nurses, this is why this Social Media campaign with the hashtag #NurseEmoji has being released. It wants to ask Unicode to recognize the emoji.

Unicode is the consortium in charge of choosing which Emojis are included in the keyboard of electronic devices. Once an emoji is approved, it needs to be redesigned for every operating system.

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Two Spanish nurses, Jordi Mitjà and Pedro Soriano, have started a global campaign in Social Media to request the incorporation of the nurse emoji in WhatsApp.

There is no doubt that emoticons have changed the way of how we communicate. We use them to express an action, an idea or a feeling without the need to explain it with words. But one that could be really useful for society does not exist yet, it is the case of the nurse emoji, this is the reason why this campaign has being started..





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